Eliminate Junk Food Cravings


How many times have you thought, I have to stop eating Junk! or This is my last bag of chips, just one more cookie, etc. before I start my diet. YOU are certainly not alone. Junk food can include any food or beverage that has minimal nutrition value. What they do have an ample amount of is preservatives, sugars (artificial or natural), dyes, and many other chemicals which create more stress or harm to the body. You may KNOW this but find yourself still craving that cookie or worse yet find yourself eating a whole bag in front of the T.V. before even realizing what you are doing. It’s almost as if the junk food has some power over you. How to stop the insanity?

The key lies in our minds. We know what we should do but we fall back to the automatic habits that are not healthy. So in order to truly change, we have to change our mindset. This hypnosis session focuses on eliminating the cravings for junk food, helping you to feel more relaxed, less stressed, and creating new pathways of thought that will lead you toward healthier choices.

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