Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Does Hypnosis Work?

A: Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that causes deep relaxation which allows the mind to be open to transformation, learning, and re-patterning of behaviors / habits. In a therapeutic setting, the hypnotic state allows the relaxation of not only the physical body but also the gateway between the conscious & subconscious minds. At this point positive or health/life affirming beliefs can be introduced so that a desired change can be established in the mind.

Q: Can Anyone Be Hypnotized?

A: Anyone with an IQ of at least 70 and can follow simple instructions can take advantage of hypnosis. Those that respond the best are people with greater mental dexterity and active imaginations. People that cannot be hypnotized are people that refuse to be hypnotized and they are generally individuals that exhibit a fear or lack of understanding of the subject.

Q: Are There Any Potential Harmful Side-effects?

A: Hypnosis works to shift your mind and how you think and feel about your desired goals. Because of the change in your mindset, you will naturally choose things in your life that will coincide with your new beliefs. There are no drugs or chemicals that trick your body into doing something that is not naturally supposed to do. Therefore no harmful side-effects. The side effects that you CAN expect are increased relaxation, peace, feeling of empowerment, and confidence.

Q: Do I Give Up Control During Hypnosis?

A: Absolutely not! In fact, most people experience a very pleasant sensation of well being and relaxation soon after their session. You will always be in control throughout your session. No one can control your mind, except you!

Q: How Can I maximize the Results?

A: Read & Follow Recommended How to Listen

 Q:When Can I See Results? And What Do The Results Look Like?

A: Many clients report immediate results after listening to their first hypnotic session. These changes can be as subtle as feeling more relaxed or more positive all the way to not having the desire for the negative habit such as no more desire for sweets or not thinking about a cigarette. Everyone is very different and therefore has their own process. It is best to track or jot down what changes you notice. Many times the changes are so automatic that you may not even notice until other people start to point out the change in you.  

 Q: Do I Have To Stay Awake For The Sessions? What If I Fall Asleep?

A:You can stay awake and just get into a very relaxed yet still conscious state of mind similar to when you are daydreaming. So you can be very aware of the positive suggestions and just feel relaxed when you are finished. However, if you do fall asleep that is great too. In this state of mind, your subconscious mind is more open and allowing of the suggestions as well. It is not your conscious or awake mind that needs to have a shift in thinking. It is the subconscious, automatic part of your mind that needs to shift into a positive direction in order for you to create positive habits.

Q: What Happens If The Habit Comes Back?

A:Once the positive, healthy suggestions have created a change, they should be a natural part of who you are and the choices you make. However, if you find yourself thinking about or actually choosing the undesired habits again, then simply listen to your hypnosis sessions again for a few days to a few weeks to remind your mind what choices you prefer. You can never listen to the sessions too much and reminders are always great!

Q: Can I Get Stuck In A Hypnotic State?

A: No. Our mind is equipped to shift in and out of many different states of awareness. For example you can be fully awake, in a meeting, and yet miss a whole presentation because you were day dreaming. Or can be in a deep sleep only to be awoken by a phone ringing or someone calling your name. Similarly when in a hypnotic or trance like state of awareness, it is similar to a deep relaxed state so if you need to come back to full awareness for any reason you will be able to do so. All of our sessions also utilize techniques at the end of the session to gently bring you back to more awareness.

 Q: I Have Read All The FAQ And Still Have Some Questions.

A: No problem. Contact us and we will answer to the best of our ability!